Wisconsin State Natural Areas

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Last updated 05/18/2022

Raw file: Wisconsin State Natural Areas.csv (101.55 KB)

Includes 778 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: WI
  • some may be in: IA, IL, MI, MN (near a border)

Wisconsin State Natural Areas (SNAs)

The State of Wisconsin describes State Natural Areas as "areas that protect outstanding examples of Wisconsin's native landscape of natural communities, significant geological formations and archeological sites." There are currently 693 sites. The state website is:


and visitation guidelines can be found at:


The POI locations in this file are the recommended parking areas for each SNA in most cases which may a parking lot. Some SNAs have several parking areas and I've chosen what may be the primary or central parking area and occasionally alternative areas. For large SNAs, you should check the SNA web page for the area you plan to visit and possibly choose one of the other locations to park. It is strongly advised that before planning a trip to any SNA, that you find the appropriate web page for that SNA and read its description so that you know what to expect. The POI locations may require your GPS to not have unpaved roads listed as a route Avoidance, especially for sites in National Forests. Each SNA can be found through a search by county or by name:

County: https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Lands/NaturalAreas/county.html

Name search: https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Lands/NaturalAreas/alpha.html

This POI file includes a few not generally suited for visitation which are asterisked in the County and Name web search and the POI file will not include a parking area. Always park safely, especially for side-of-road parking where the POI location is just approximate. Do not trespass on private land. The POI file will identify each in the following fashion:

County - SNA name - additional information

This file includes additional information, mostly walking directions from the parking area. Garmin automotive devices offer this information for each location but may involve scrolling or other action on the GPS to see these notes. Some notes offer important parking or other information e.g.:

On Reich Drive by gate, park along shoulder of road south of the mailbox. Do not block Reich Drive as farmer uses it to move large equipment


Park on Cty W by cabin at Fire #13124. To reach Hagar Mountain, go north on foot trail that runs along property line from east side of cabin. Do not trespass on private land

although most are along the lines of:

Park on side of road, walk west to lake

If errors are found in this file, please contact me directly or report them here:


Counties with no SNA, special instructions, or works-in-progress:

Kewaunee (has no SNAs)
Menominee (has no SNAs)
Milwaukee *

*Excludes Warnimont Bluff Fens. Public access is limited to research and education. See Chapter 47-Parks and Parkways in Milwaukee County's Municipal Code Ch. 47 for more details.
**Excludes private Fair Meadows and Koshkonong Corners SNAs. Contact the State Natural Areas Program for more information.

Change History

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    Revised text and location for Castle Mound Pine Forest SNA

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  • CraigW - Dec 9, 2020
    Added SNA #693: Savage Lake in Florence County - designated in 2020

  • CraigW - Oct 3, 2020
    Added more text info to Sauk County - South Bluff/Devil's Nose SNA

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    Refine and add additional parking site for Hemlock Draw POI in Sauk County

  • CraigW - Aug 31, 2020
    Improved info for Sauk County, Hemlock Draw SNA, both north and south POIs

  • CraigW - Aug 26, 2020
    Finally found a lat/long for Priest Rock in Oconto County!