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This is in another thread I created, but I thought some may have missed the posting:

I used MS Word to create a PDF file of the lengthy instructions and Jonathan figured out to create a download link to the file.

You can now click on the link at the top of the page and once the PDF appears, right click on the page and select "Print" in the dropdown. Or you can do a "Save as".

Thanks to Jon for figuring out how to manipulate the "permissions". Now you won't have to flip between windows.

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What is the link?

What instructions and how is the link displayed? Thanks!!!


panama wrote:

What instructions and how is the link displayed? Thanks!!!

"Formatting A POI File For Easy Sorting In Excel (May Work In Other Spreadsheets)"

Mainly for POI file maintainers, but others may find it useful.

Link is near the top of the page.


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That is

really cool.

Thanks to both of you!



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Garmin line breaks

Thanks for posting this file!

I wanted to add something I found useful:

I have two Garmin units and in my POI files, they each require different coding to display a second line in an address, from the address format found in the text in Column D.

The 765T requires the html code <br>
The 760 requires a line break, or Alt + Enter

When using Excel's find and replace function to change a file that works in the 760 to one that works in the 765T, I have to find the line break characters, but Alt + Enter is not accepted in the Find What field. Instead, entering Ctrl + J will do the trick.

I can also use Ctrl + J in the Replace With field if I'm converting a 765T file to one that works in the 760.

This has saved me a lot of time and aggravation!

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