Coffee Time

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Last updated 04/11/2020

Raw file: Coffee Time.csv (4.18 KB)

Includes 47 locations in the following area:

  • Canada: ON

Why should Tim's have all the fun!

Built new from company web site:

Mostly South-Central Ontario.
Please Note: Only a few of these are stand-alone coffee shops. Most are embedded inside gas stations and convenience stores.
Consequently, there will be overlap and clashes with various gas-station POIs. An older nuvi of mine would have a snit if two icons were in the same spot. No problem finding a POI, just that the icon would sometimes not show for either.
If the Name column says "Express" it is embedded in a gas station or convenience store.
If it says "Cafe", then you can sit down inside and relax (but probably not until Covid Lockdown is over).
I have tried to identify those locations with a Drive-Thru.
Hopefully all these smaller shops will still be open after the Covid-isolation rules are relaxed and we can all get out of our houses.
Feedback appreciated.