it's a bad century to be a hugger


Seriously, although I am American born, my culture, and my wife's, it I think is what we referred to in HS as the romance languages whatever.

That is, I grew up hugging and kissing, everyone young and old. European women 2X, Russian women 3X, and I hugged everyone both males and females, it's just that way. It's nothing strange, what do ice hockey players or soccer players do when a goal is scored?

Dr. Fauci just said we should not shake hands ever again. And he means it. I don't disagree, just that it's so strange and different going forward. I bet it won't be strange for my son who is 6 today, when he's middle aged. He likely will have never hugged anyone nor shaken anybody's hand. Except his parents.

I get that not every culture shakes hands or hugs. Just that mine does. Or did.

p.s. I just envisioned bbqs and XMAS parties wearing N95 masks and nitrile gloves. dang

It will take a while, but ...

we will get past this and hugs will come back. I can't say that I hug everyone I know, but hugs of family and close friends is an important part of our well being. We humans are social animals. I am looking forward to the day when I can again share hugs with family and close friends. Actually, I am looking forward to when we can just sit around the same table and share a few beers over some good conversation! When we get past this, we will appreciate a lot of things we have always taken for granted ... at least for a while.

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I'm Okay

I don't have to see my in-laws for a few months.

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