5G Cellular Causing Coronavirus!


These theories have been around for some time and have been dismissed by every study ever done on the subject. The theories however persist perhaps because they are supported by a few notables of the tinfoil hat society.


It should be noted however that cellular radiation can be harmful if the dosage is high enough. Most Americans get more radiation exposure from their microwave oven than from a cell phone.

All Cellphone Service Does That

I started using cell phones in 1992, and the area I lived then has pretty good cellphone coverage. This was analog service back then. I then moved to an area that had little to no cell phone service. Not only was there no cell phone service, but the towns and municipalities were doing all they could to prevent the installation of cell phone towers. Major NIMBY. And people were indeed using unsubstantiated claims such as the cell phones cause cancer, disease and all sorts of problems like locusts, Armageddon, tragedy, drought, pandemic, and any other malady you can think of.

Now every time a cell phone tower was proposed, they had to fight the same unsubstantiated and false claims over and over. The Federal Govt finally stepped up and issued some sort of law that said these absurd claims are all done and do not have to be argued or defended for each new proposed cell tower.

Interestingly, cell phone towers were once considered a blight, but are now very welcome. Like rail trail conversions. People fought against rail trail conversions, but now they love the rail rails. The sight of a tower means there is service and the commensurate safety it provides. So in the 90s, people flooded town hall protesting against cell phone towers, and then a few years ago that changed to people attending town meeting and pleading for the establishment of cell phone service in town. One example was a couple people were in town and a woman started going into labor in her car and they were in an area that did not have cell service. My town also had a program where they collected donated phones to give to senior citizens for emergency use, but the town had prevented the development of cell phone service in town so the cell phones did not work!!!! Even the top town management officials were issued cell phones, but they were frustrated because there was no cell phone service in town and they could not use the phones.

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