Bluetooth Pairing Failure with Smartphone Link


I ran across a situation recently with my DriveLuxe 51 where the DriveLuxe would not automatically pair with my Android smartphone. It has always worked perfectly for me, but this problem started a few days ago after I installed the updated Timezone and Traffic Provider files on the DriveLuxe. I found that if I waited until the DriveLuxe fully booted up, then did a full power shutdown and restart, the pairing would occur and Smartphone Link worked as usual. This had me baffled as the automatic pairing was still working fine in my other vehicle where I use my nuvi 3597.

After several days of frustration, I figured out what was causing this and was able to correct it. I thought I would pass it along in case it helps someone else.

I have my DriveLuxe set up to pair with Bluetooth for Smartphone Link traffic, but I have the Hands Free Calling function disabled because I prefer to use the phone functions built into my vehicle for phone calls. Well somehow, the Hands Free Calling function got turned back on when I did the updates, so both the DriveLuxe and my car's built in system were pairing with the phone for Hands Free calling. As soon as I disabled the Hands Free Calling function on the DriveLuxe, the automatic pairing has been occurring again without flaw.

Live and learn.

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I’ve had that occur on my 3597

Every time that SmartLink fails to connect, I go to hands free calling and make sure that the box is unchecked. 99% of the time, the box will be checked. As soon as I disable hands free, the problem will rectify itself.

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Same Issue

I've had this happen on my 3597 as well. I haven't noticed it on the Driveluxe 51 yet.