Port Forwarding Question


This is not a GPS or POI question, so that is why I am posting in his area. I bought a DVMEGA Cast, which is an AMBE3000 based Multimode IP radio for DMR, D-Star and Fusion, which are three digital modes used on amateur radio VHF/UHF bands. I also installed a DVMEGA DVstick 30, which, as I understand it, allows the DVMEGA Cast to act as a de facto server. I have installed BlueDV AMBE on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and I have been trying to connect to my DVMEGA Cast with the BlueDV AMBE, but I have been unsuccessful.

The directions are a bit unclear to me, but I think what I might need to do is configure my router to allow Port Forwarding, so that I can connect with the BlueDV AMBE Android app.

For those that are, or were, into networking, does that make sense and sound like something I should try?




I don't think that applies here

If I understand your post correctly, all of the aforementioned devices are on your internal network, so port forwarding isn't really applicable here.

I don't have a DVMEGA Cast, but it sounds pretty awesome (I am also a ham).

Make sure that all of the devices are in fact connected to the same network and have IP addresses. Most of the stuff should be set to automatically get an IP address via DHCP by default. If some of the devices are wireless (like your phone) and others are wired, be sure that those networks can reach each other. Assuming that the same router is being used for all, you should be able to look at the DHCP leases and see that all of the devices are connected and have an IP address.

if you're running enterprise-class firmware on your router (like DD-WRT), check to be sure that it isn't set to isolate clients from each other. I don't think that this is the default behavior but it's desirable for security in public hotspots and such. On a home network it's not desirable since it will keep the clients from being able to reach each other.

If you have a separate router as an access point then you may have to DMZ it or configure a static route in order for the two networks to talk to each other.

Hope this helps... good luck!

- Phil

The following is how I

I'm a network guy and I know nothing about those devices you mention. The following is how I understand your post.

You have a web server in your internal/private network and you're trying to access that server from an Android app over the internet.

I can see 2 issues and they're both related to dynamically assigned IP addresses (internal/private IP and external/public IP address).

To tackle dynamic internal IP issue, you'll have to go into your web server settings (this is the device you're trying to access from your phone... is it DVMEGA Cast?). Give it a static IP address (example: In this example, I'm assuming your local network subnet is (or subnet mask:

To tackle the dynamic external IP address, you can use DDNS. There may be a few DDNS service you can use.

When those are corrected, you can get into your (wireless) router to enable port forwarding. I believe the port number is 2460 (I got this from https://youtu.be/oOQx1Hf9arM?t=512). You will be forwarding port 2460 to the internal/private static IP address of your device (example:

IP must be static because if the internal IP changes (say it gets a different IP port forwarding will attempt to pass the incoming traffic to which is no longer assigned to that DVMEGA device.

Hope that helps. If it does not, tell us what it is that is not clear.