NSA Identifies Windows 10 Vulnerability.


The NSA has discovered a critical vulnerability in Windows 10 and reported it to Microsoft (https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/aa20-014a). Microsoft has included a patch to fix it in the January cumulative update released yesterday 1/14/2020. You may want to apply this update sooner rather than later.

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I updated my computers yesterday

I updated my computers yesterday with the patch. No problems. It just takes a while...

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thank you

Thanks for the heads up,

Thanks for the heads up, will update now

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Did MS patch the backdoor the NSA has...? wink

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It appears

that this fix was included in the normal Tuesday night pushed update that M$ frequently does to my machine.

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Thanks for the heads-up alandb...

...much appreciated! smile


Note that this vulnerability is browser-specific. Firefox has always been immune to this vulnerability. Sometimes Chrome is immune, sometimes not, depending on certificates.

More information about the issue and who is and isn't vulnerable can be found at https://www.computerworld.com/article/3514599/worried-about-...

In that article, there's a safe link you can use to test your browser's vulnerability to this issue identified by NSA (known as "Curveball"): https://curveballtest.com/index.html

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That was pretty fast for Microsoft to respond. Thanks for the info!

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