Pearl Harbor Day


On December 7, 1941, the Japanese did a sneak attack on the United States armed forces in Pearl Harbor, HI. This led the United States into declaring war on Japan and entered the country into World War II. Today is a day to remember and honor the many armed forces personnel and citizens who were killed in this attack.

Lest We Never Forget


Very true.

Very true.

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USS Arizona Memorial

In the mid eighties I had the privilege of visiting the USS Arizona Memorial on Oahu while on vacation.
It was an experience I will never forget. Being in the military in 1968 during the Viet Nam War it brought chills down my spine what these men & woman faced during that attack. I am proud to be an American thanks to our military that defends our freedom that we all know.

I pray to God there will never be another World War 3, or any wars in the future

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Just read today...

...that the last Arizona survivor to be entombed on the Arizona will be laid to rest today at sunset. There are three survivors left, but they will all be buried next to family members. Let us never forget the sacrifices that these men gave and made for their country.

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Ten Days Before My 1st Birthday

I don't forget as the bombing of Pearl Harbor occurred 10 days before my 1st birthday. At the time I was very young. Now I'm becoming quite long in the tooth. grin

I have a lot of memorabilia

I have a lot of memorabilia from family members from this time in history. Pearl Harbor was such a defining moment that really brought my family and extended family together.