45% of US drivers admit to drowsy driving


...and as one article comment (not mine) said: ...and the other 55% are liars!

"The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a nonprofit research-and-education organization, estimates that more than 300,000 accidents a year, including 6,400 fatal accidents, stem from drowsy driving." Approximately 10% of auto accidents are believed to be related to drowsy driving.


Let's be careful out there!

"141 could draw faster than he, but Irving was looking for 143..."

Not surprising

Between the drowsy drivers, drunk drivers, drugged drivers and distracted drivers it's a wonder we're not all dead by now.


I think texting is most distracted thing out there now a day!


dtran1 wrote:

I think texting is most distracted thing out there now a day!

I drive for a living, a truck (sit up higher than cars, can see inside easily) and believe this 100%. See it all the time. Someone who can't keep a consistent speed or stay in their lane almost always has a phone in their hand.

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long trips

ive found myself at times driving thru Nevada from Washington where I think I was not quite there driving down a long straight road and all of a sudden I was 40-50 miles down the road and whoa how did I get here it was like I was on auto pilot, I didn't feel tired and it was daytime I was just bored the wife asked me if I wanted her to drive and I said yes

Drowsy, drunk, wreckless....

Its pretty dangerous out there driving

used to be

used to be 'highway hypnosis'

Wreckless = no wreck?

allbizz wrote:

Its pretty dangerous out there driving

If wreckless driving means no wreck, isn't that what we want?

I've experienced that

I've experienced that whenever I'm back from vacation to the other side of the globe where time difference is 14 to 15 hours. Jet lag is a serious problem. It is extremely difficult to stay awake and drive home after work. What I do is exit the freeway, find a safe place to park, roll my windows down a little... and take a nap until I no longer feel sleepy.

It's alwayys something. The

It's alwayys something. The news is always depressing. But of course it never changes anything.

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This is one of the most

This is one of the most regrettable things I've done when I was younger: driving out to a friend's house miles away in the middle of the night only to almost fall asleep in the late night going home on the road. Scary!