c330 #2 is dead


well,,,,,,,,i sent back my c330 after the screen locked up. it didn't cost me anything and they got a replacment in pretty fast. the problem is that when i started loading my poi's on it the same thing happened. i don't know if one of the poi files is corrupted or what but either way i have another dead c330 that's going to have to go back. as before, the reset procedures don't work. the reset button turns it off and the power button only turns it on and it locks up on the second blue screen with the copyright info at the bottom. one thing it might be, and i can't remember which one it was, is that one of the steak house files prompted a pop up error that said something was missing. after the upload it told me i had successfully loaded 7000+ files and then proceeded to quit working. looking at the support page at garmin, this screen lock up is a comom problem. anyway, just thought if anybody else experienced the same problem on here then maybe we'd begin to figure out if there is a problem with a file or just me.


If you really think it's a bad file. I'd suggest that you try to isolate the suspected file so it can be checked.
Perhaps when you get your next unit, you can just load one file at a time and check things out.
Maybe someone with a 330 could check out the files and load them on their unit.

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been a long week. didn't get

been a long week. didn't get to send the new one back yet either. i'm almost afraid to try loading any more of them. i may do the truck stops only and a couple of the first ones i did that didn't give me any trouble like the odd places and rest areas. i don't know how to isolate a bad file and don't really want to use another unit as the guinnea pig. all i know is that on two units in a row now as soon as it tells me i've successfully uploaded xxxxx new poi's it shuts itself off and turns back on locked on that blue copyright screen. i don't think garmin is going to keep replacing them for free much longer. i won't be able to send it back until saturday so it'll be next weekend before i can try anything on it. i'll post the outcome.