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How many people out there have their favorite music to listen to, while out on a road trip? Some of my favorites to listen to include music by Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Tangerine Dream, and more. One album by Steve Roach, called The Road Eternal, is one of my essential albums. Also an album called Beyond City Light, by Jon Jenkins...the track Zzyzx Road is pretty awesome.

Real Roadtrip Music lol Really!

Real Road Trip music.

The Musical Road on Route 66 is in Tijeras, New Mexico. The song the road sings is "America The Beautiful"
The song plays along a 490-yard stretch of Route 66 due to meticulously placed rumble strips, and drivers have to go the 45-mph speed limit in order to hear it in all of its glory.
Musical roads are based on the concept that vibrating objects produce sound. Grooves are made on the road in a pattern using steel bars so that when a vehicle passes over that strip at a specific speed , music is produced. The work requires great precision as the spacing between the notes can be as small as 5mm.
There are only three musical roads in the world. They're located in Korea, Japan and America.
Here is a link to a map showing the location of the musical road:

Here is a YouTube link showing it:

Here is also a link from TripAdvisor

It is fantastic!!!!!!

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H Hannah, that is cool, never heard of those before, I love "odd" instruments.

Backroads66 One of my favorite dark winding road tunes is "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" by ELO.

In general though I'm a huge fan of the blues, new and old.


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neverending topic

You will probably have as many answers as people who respond. Unless you are stuck with radio only people will usually listen to things they usually listen to. An it can be everything, depending on particular person's interests. So it can be symphonic music and it can be most ridiculous polka music. Pick your preferences smile


It is rare for me to have on the radio. When I'm traveling, I prefer listening to audiobooks.

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My favorites:

Allman Brothers, Marshal Tucker & BB King.

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8k songs

On my flash drive, I have 8k songs. Have never even turned my car radio on once. Would have to look at it to see how to get it to Sirius or AM/FM.

I generally listen to a mix of 60s, 70s, 80s, soul, country, southern rock

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and guess which genre I prefer.

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alleghany wrote:

and guess which genre I prefer.

Uh, death metal?

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Audiobooks in the car

jfossy wrote:

It is rare for me to have on the radio. When I'm traveling, I prefer listening to audiobooks.

Oh not me! That's what I listen to when I want to fall asleep!! 8-0

I need rock 'n' roll... which mostly these days means oldies. Or something else with a beat.

As always YMMV and to each his own.

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