has an internet order ever been wrong / contents not in order?


In about 17 years or so of ordering things online, there were only 4 times that orders were wrong. The latest two weeks ago.

The offenders?

amazon.com and costco.com

One time, a $60 amazon item never arrived. They sent another.

One time, an amazon package had the wrong item--item shipped $18, item ordered, $28. They sent correct item and took back shipped item.

One time, amazon set two items via prime that were from a 3rd party. They took back one item.

costco.com 3 shirts ordered, only two were inside package, they sent an additional item worth $20.

In all of the cases, the items were imho of a value that they likely could take my word for it.

But what if I ordered say 3 $1,000 cameras, or 3 $250 cameras, and only 2 were in the package?

I think with the agressive manner in which everything is going ecommerce and the lack of capacity for even amazon or walmart or costco (it's like a 160+ bil. co today) to handle everything in-house, from distribution to transportation, the above will be more and more common. Maybe to the point where they will not make things right, and then, the bricks and mortar reemerge? Who knows....

4X in 17 years is not a lot. However, the 4X were all recent, so that's my point...and also imho I am not for SD v. Wayfair which is another negative with ecommerce


I too order frequently online due to my rural location. My experiences are on par with yours. So far, all the vendors involved have made good on their mistakes.

In my case, I don't see this as being much different than the number of times I've had screw-ups at brick & mortar stores though. When I get home and open the box I occasionally find broken or missing parts and sometimes even the wrong item inside. Sometimes when checking the receipt, I'll find I paid the wrong price as well. Once in a great while I'll find an item missing due to a screw-up at checkout.

The only real problem is the time involved to rectify the situation. To ship an item back & replace can take a week or more. I can usually resolve a problem at a brick & mortar store the same day.

I had a bad experience with Tiger Direct

I ordered a single drive. Later that day knowing the excellent price would be up at midnight I ordered two more. I received two boxes. On with the weight listed for one drive containing one drive. The second box listing the weight for two drives, containing one drive. I called in, and after many months of back and forth, I am still out the $60 drive. I will never order from them again nor recommend them to anyone. A multi million/billion dollar company cannot justify the possible loss of a single $60 drive when I explained, swore, plead that I never got what I paid for. That's the only really memorable experience I have had of late. A few eBay transactions, but they have always been resolved with either a refund, return or both.

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I order a lot of stuff from Ebay. Amazon, Costco and the like.

Had a few problems over the years but if it wasn't what I ordered or didn't get all I ordered I gave them a chance to fix the problem via sending the right stuff, giving me a credit or I returned the stuff. As long as you pay with a credit card and you didn't get what was promised you can always charge it back and you will almost always win.


I agree with your comments completely based on my online purchase experiences.


I went through a period of about six months in 2018 where I had three problems with amazon orders, as I haven't had before or since. I ordered a food item, and instead of my food item, they sent a toy that had nothing in common with the food item.

This put me in a difficult position. When you go to initiate a return on an item from your amazon order, you find there isn't any way to do that with a food item, because food item sales from amazon are final by policy. Of course I didn't have a food item to return, but there just wasn't a way to convince the amazon website software that I wasn't trying to do something I wasn't allowed to do. In that situation, you can't email them easily, but you can start an amazon customer service chat. Without any argument, they apologized for the mistake and credited me for the food item and told me to donate the toy as it wasn't worth it to them to pay to ship it back. They will pay return postage if a problem was their fault; you pay if it was yours (as when you order the wrong item, and they ship what you ordered).

Another time they sent the wrong size on footwear. I had the email confirming the size I ordered, and they sent a different size. And another time they sent a poorly protected item that broke.

Each time they made it right with no fuss. Fortunately all three orders involved relatively small amounts of money. Like johnnatash4, I wondered what would happen with an expensive item in this situation.

I figured they were breaking in their warehouse robots and needed to iron some bugs out. Sorry to hear others are having similar problems more recently.

I also had a problem a month ago with an eBay order of a factory-sealed new CD box set, in which one CD was missing. The CD case was in the set, but it was empty. Similarly it would be hard to prove I was right if the seller was nasty about it, because it would be my word against the seller's. But again, no problem, fortunately. They sent out an entire replacement set with a shipping label to return the defective one. Of course I left 5-star feedback for the seller.

Several years ago

I ordered something from Amazon. The wrong item arrived and I got in touch with Amazon. They sent me another item right away and told be to keep the incorrect item.

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My experience

On several occasions my wife and I have ordered an item from Amazon and then for whatever reason returned it. Then if we reordered the same item we received two of them instead of just the one we reordered. I bet it's happened four or five times over the years.


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I purchased a $700 DSLR

I purchased a $700 DSLR several years ago from Amazon. Waited for several weeks but shipment tracking shows that it is in one place for so many days. It never got updated. I contacted Amazon and was asked to wait longer. I did but the shipping status still shows the same thing. After another week of waiting, I called them back. They overnight a replacement DSLR to me.

Have you ever ordered a

Have you ever ordered a hamburger at McD's and received a chicken fillet?
Comparing number of orders shipped from AMZ vs McD's per day it is hard to complain - and they resolve it with a smile.

AliExpress doesn't always arrive, sometimes the mail truck runs over it, sometimes it is broken - they fix it too and fast. It's just the cost of doing business on that scale.
It is easier to handle than shoplifting at a B&M.


remember those craft sandwiches Mcd's made? Well we on multiple occasions ordered the bogo that you get on every receipt, but they screwed it up so many times, we don't go there anymore. In our town the help is bad and there are cars lined up around the building. Somehow the service level has gone backwards there.

Amazon order

One time I ordered a folding cane from Amazon, as I had to fly and didn't want a long cane. I waited for the delivery and it never came.
I called them and was told "I cancelled the order" I told them I didn't cancel. Amazon express shipped me another one, as I was leaving soon.
When I got back from my trip, there was the original order in front of my door. I called them to find out how to send it back. They told me to keep it as it would cost more for them have it shipped back to them.
It turned out that their shipping dept. made the mistake.

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Amazon has a customer service that is second to none. Over the many years (and many $$$) I've been a customer I have had a few orders that weren't correct and every time Amazon has been quick to resolve the problem with no hassle on my end. As Timantide mentioned above they always say just keep the wrong item, donate it, or simply throw it away, and send the correct one, as long as the item was "Fulfilled by Amazon".

Amazon is great for finding things you don't see on the local shelves, and in sizes you just don't see in the store as well. I enjoy it's convenience, a few clicks on the computer, no driving, no parking, no crowds, etc.

This past week I ordered a few things and among them was a 20 oz jar of Granulated Onion. They sent Onion Powder, while similar, not what I wanted so I contacted them. They refunded my money the next day and told me to reorder the item, make sure it was "Fulfilled by Amazon", let them know the order number and they'll upgrade the shipping to next day. Done. Got it the next day BUT they sent Onion Powder again, complained, got the refund, yada yada yada. Now I have to jars of powder.

I Didn't give them a 3rd chance, ordered it from Walmart for a couple dollars more, it's due Monday, hope it's correct.

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They probably look at your order history

Some will even block you for excessive returns/problems. On high price items they could possibly check inventory or video if they had doubts. Some are now going to robot pickers so I'm sure they will have a check system


A few years ago I ordered a printer on Amazon as the price was very good. When I didn't hear from them for a while, I called and was told that I cancelled the order. I told them I did not cancel, two weeks later t he same printer from the same dealer was back in their ad. "the price was higher" The dealer did not want to sell it for the advertised price, and told Amazon that I cancelled the order.
I got another printer from Best Buy for a cheaper price.

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It happens, people make

It happens, people make mistakes.

I learned that too

Timantide wrote:

A few years ago I ordered a printer on Amazon as the price was very good. When I didn't hear from them for a while, I called and was told that I cancelled the order. I told them I did not cancel, two weeks later t he same printer from the same dealer was back in their ad. "the price was higher" The dealer did not want to sell it for the advertised price, and told Amazon that I cancelled the order.
I got another printer from Best Buy for a cheaper price.

This was interesting. I noticed Channellock pliers I wanted were available for $6. Since they cost about $31 everywhere else, I ordered 5, the seller had 5 stars.

To my dismay, the order was cancelled, which amazon sellers can do. I gave them a 1 star rating, as did hundreds of others. The seller kept responding that they had a pricing error and unethical people tried to buy items at the wrong price.

"Unethical people?" lol

Here's the kicker. As the negative reviews were pouring in, 5 star reviews were coming out of nowhere hahahahahahahahahaha

what a game it is.

Amazon is scarey

Bezos is buying up everything, killing many small businesses and will soon be only option in many areas. Amazon is testing Robot pickers now, be interesting combined with driverless delivery, only jobs that will be left is taking care or the robots

Unethical People

I think it is funny (not) that when somebody orders a product that is priced on the low side (Channellock pliers)(not even the Chinese ones for that price) they are being "unethical, while if a dealer tries to screw you "i is just a mistake"
In my case the price was not that much lower than the store price, it was just easier to order on line. I ended up going to Best Buy to get my printer.
The funny thing was they had a better one on sale, and it cost less than the one they screwed me on.

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