Just downloaded and activated my subscription to this this weekend when riding with others this weekend. Kind of some neat tech (GPX load in/out, POI via's, telemetry, etc.) - but the best seems to be the ability to create random routing based on some basic criteria - direction, distance/time, and type of ride (highway, main roads, twisty, and super twisty).

Ran into issues where it didn't get the road types right (and doesn't allow for selection) and sent the four of us on street tires down a dirt road. It uses Open Streetmap as a base, so I haven't seen if their tool allows for overlaying the GPX export (which is a work around to sharing subscription access) with other POIs and data which can be imported into the Garmin - since the updating is so poor for turn-by-turn.

Anybody else have experience with this (I'm on iOS) and would have some feedback if they've used it.