Garmin Drive App


You can download the Garmin Drive App for the DriveSmart 55/65 models. It offers subscription free functions that are very impressive. Some of the same functions are available on the DS 51/61 and other models, but they require a paid subscription to use them.

I have been unable to find any information from Garmin about any of the functions of the App. You must install the App and then use it see what functions are available. For those who are interested, I’ll describe some of the functions.

Call Home
Phone Book: Your complete Smart Phone Phone Book.
Browse Categories: Lets you call any phone in the normal Categories search window.
Dial: By Hand.
Voice Dial.
Call History: Last Received, Last Dialed, Missed Calls

Displays a map with vehicle symbol. Options let you see known Incidents or the Legend.

Six Day forecast from NWS for current location or selected city.
Weather Alerts: Watch, Storm, Wind, Flood, Winter, Other, all by color.
Road Conditions: Displays a map with colored areas showing the road conditions.
Wet, Ice, Snow, Strong Wind, Fog

Weather Radar
Map updated constantly showing Rain, Mix, Snow.
Smart Notifications.

Shows live photo of intersections that have live photo cameras. My location doesn’t have those cameras.

Trip Planner
As expected with route shaping.

All of the are updated in real time and really increase the usefulness of the unit beyond just GPS.

While not Apps in the App folder, the Drive App updates Foursquare and TripAdvosor in real time to help POI’s current.

Garmin Drive App

See . Lots of info there. Make sure to click show more to get all 18 FAQ.

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