Contributors of the week 2007-07-09


This week we are recognizing jmarqua and livnaway as out contributors of the week.

jmarqua, You really did a fantastic job getting the Minneapolis metro area up and running over the last few weeks. Thanks for all your great ideas.

Livnaway, you are someone that is really helpful when it comes to red light camera location.

This week as been a tough one for me, I strained my neck tuesday night reading in bed and I am still not able to move it very well without being in pain. I will be slow getting work done over the next few days because it is uncomfortable to sit here and work. I have a huge backlog of bmp icons that need to be uploaded but I know that you guys are understanding and patient.

Miss Poi

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Congratulations jmarqua and Livnaway.

Miss Poi, we understand your difficulty, and will be patient waiting for the icons to appear.

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...and kudos to this week's COW award winners!

Feel better soon Miss POI.


Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! In Memoriam: #77 NYPD-SCA/Seattle Mike/Joe S./Vinny D./RTC!


Congratulations and thanks to the Contributors of the week.

Hope your neck feels better soon!

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Congratulations to

Congratulations to all...Sorry Miss POI, get well soon!!!

Thank you ALL for the recognition.

It is a pleasure to read and work with all of you. I am constantly learning, enjoy creating and sharing the files I create. This is a very knowledgeable and helpful site, and I am proud to be an active member. Thank you ALL again for your support.

Congratulation jmarqua and

Congratulation jmarqua and Livnaway.

Thank you. Thank you. I dont

Thank you. Thank you. I dont know what to say.... I have never met a "reply button" I didnt like so here goes.

I would like to thank my parents for giving me the genetics to make intelligent decisions which lead me to buy a Garmin 360.

I would like to thank the various law enforcement agencies for putting up these cameras so that my hours of driving have meaning and I can help others.

I would like to thank Miss Poi for providing a vneue where my talents can shine.

I would like to thank my dog who ws always stood behind me.

I would like to thank the board of judges who selected me for being a contributor.

And finally I would like to thank Britney Spears for being an inspiration to us all. I know you are going to get a personal trainer and come back "hard"!


Congratulations to jmarqua and livnaway!

Miss POI, I hope you get well soon.

Congratulation jmarqua and

Congratulation jmarqua and Livnaway
livnaway nice speech lol!!!!!!!!!!!funny

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Thanks to all the contributors at POI Factory

Please take good care of yourself Miss POI.

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Congrad to you jmarqua and livnaway fine job & Thanks for all the work

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Congrats to all. ....feel

Congrats to all.

....feel better miss poi!

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Congratulations to jmarqua and livnaway!
I hope you get better soon miss poi.