Extending a GTM-60 power cable


I need to extend my GTM-60 cable. It appears without cutting the cable (yet) that the cord has some type of ethernet wiring as well as, power wiring.

Before I butcher a brand new GTM-60 cable, does anyone know what actually is inside and what cabling I would need in order to extend the cord about 3 feet?

Power Cable extension

There are extension cables available that plug into the cigarette lighter and have a socket on the other end. Using one of these would prevent you from having to butcher the GTM-60 Cable. Is that an option?

The Ogre

Actually no sir...I'm trying

Actually no sir...I'm trying to route the cable under the steering wheel of a 2010 Toyota Highlander. The socket would be under the steering wheel. Surprisingly, there is very little room under there also.


Well you could splice the cigarette extension cable (2 wires) and make it any length you want. Easier than splicing the 60 cable.



Extension cable is best route

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You Can Try

I assume you are talking about your Drivesmart 61

You may be able to extend the end of the cable that plugs into your GPS instead of the cigarette lighter plug end. Short USB mini extension cables are available such as:


The mini USB connectors are smaller and may fit in the tight space you're working with.

The GTM 60 provides traffic data to the GPS for the HD traffic system. If you use Live Traffic via Smartphone Link instead, you may be able to use a plain mini USB cable and do without the GTM 60 completely. If you try this, make sure you use a quality 5 pin cable.

This works on some older units but may not on the Drivesmart series. You might get an "incompatible cable" screen warning. On some units, this warning can be ignored and the GPS will function but without HD traffic.

I've used both of these hacks successfully with older GPS units but I have no experience with the Drivesmart series. Perhaps someone else can offer some unit specific advice.