Saving Space on my GPS


Any reason for me to trim the GPS files to include only the States and Provinces that I typically travel to. Just thinking of the storage space on my Tiguan GPS system.

What are other experiences ?

Only if you need space

While I'm not familiar with the Tiguan GPS, I would delete anything unless you need the space and the full map won't load.

Does it offer an option for an SD Card, micro or otherwise?

On the Garmin units there are other things you can get rid of to free up space, i.e. language and help files.

You should make a full backup of it before you delete anything, just in case you accidentally something you shouldn't have.

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Thanks for your reply. I do

Thanks for your reply. I do have to say that one should never post anything when drunk or immediately upon waking (my case was the latter).

I am a little embarrassed to read my post. I was meant to question the necessity of trimming POI files, not the GPS files systems files. The files are not large to begin with so the benefit I suppose is small vs the effort required.

Again, Thanks


Probably not necessary

As indicated...Are you having any space issues? POI files generally are very small in size. So if you are not having any issues it would be a fair amount of work to trim every file prior to loading.

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Trimming files

At 1.27 Megs my NA Brewery file is quite large and easily trimmed to include just the areas that you visit, It is set up alphabetically by State followed alphabetically by Canadian Provinces, then Mexico, Delete any of it you want to.


I was a bit confused when I read your original post aswell.

Tiguan GPS

This is NOT like a real Garmin GPS even though it is Garmin based. There is no way to get into it. It is difficult as old h e l l to even add anything to it.
I have the same unit in my VW Passat and prefer to use one of my stand alone Garmins.
The built in unit makes a very nice back up screen though and occasionally to find a location when I left my Garmin at home.

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