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Hi everyone. Are these poi different than the ones that came with my garmin gps?

Different? - mostly yes; depends on your GPS

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(It would probably be better to start a new thread for this, but I'll go ahead and give a quick response here.)

Automotive models are usually pretty light on recreational POIs like summits, waterfalls, rapids, etc. You may sometimes find these POIs in handheld / off road GPS models.

For things like populated places and lakes, you'll likely find a lot of overlap, but POI Factory often has extra data for smaller lakes/ponds/neighborhoods.

For hospitals, schools, and post offices, you'll probably find a lot of automotive models have better data (depends on the manufacturer.)


Thank You for your answer

Thank You for your answer much appriciated.

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Just came across this site. I own a SP2720 for a year now. Don't know how I got around with out it.

I love this site. I will be a frequent passer by!