Nuvi 350's for $318


You may have the latest Nt2008 map

If you wait for a few more weeks, Nuvi 350 may all come with latest map NT2008. I got mine two weeks ago and it has NT2008 already.

Is it ok to buy a refurbish

Is it ok to buy a refurbish or just buy a new one?

Is it ok to buy a refurbish

mark23 wrote:

Is it ok to buy a refurbish or just buy a new one?

I bought a refurb NUVI 350 at the end of January. I works great and has the full one year Garmin warranty. I have called twice for what I thought were problems and CS was great. I would go for it again without any hesitation.
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Also bought a refurb

I picked up a Garmin reman StreetPilot 2610 a couple years back and never had any problems with it. It came with a 1 year Garmin warrantee, and that helped make it an easy decision for me.


I guess its about time to

I guess its about time to upgrade. Im gonna sell my C330 and buy a nuvi 350.

I have a refurbished Garmin

I have a refurbished Garmin Nuvi 350 also. Is it common for it to take over 5 minutes to acquire a satellite lock? Also, about how long does it normally take for it to boot up?

5 mins??

No, it should not take 5 mins to get a satellite lock... mine does it almost instantly if there is a clear view of the sky and may take a few secs if there are a few tall building around. And mine takes about 30 secs to boot up.

If I have the WAAS/EGNOS

If I have the WAAS/EGNOS mode selected, will this increase the time it takes for it to boot-up and to get a satellite lock-on? If not, what can I do to speed up the process. In the last few days, there have been several incidents where it would take about 5 minutes to get a satellite lock-on but by that time, I would already be at my destination.

Try turning WAAS/EGNOS off

Turning off WAAS/EGNOS should decrease the time it takes to get a satellite lock but i don't thing it would speed up the boot up time.

What other factors could be

What other factors could be the cause of the delay in acquiring satellite signals? I have the GPS device mounted on the front windshield with little to no obstructions that may inhibit the signal strength.

Also, what is the purpose or significance of the routes for Automobiles vs. Emergency vs. Bus? How would the routes for Emergency vehicles be different than the ones for regular civilian vehicles?

Believe it or Not

Space weather can determine how long it takes to acquire sats. To see if that's the problem, go to to check out the currant atmospheric conditions. Jake