Apple removes a top paid utility app that stole data and sent it back to China


Apple just removed its number one paid utility in the Mac App Store, Adware Doctor, after it was found to be secretly recording users’ app data and browser history and sending it back to a server located in China, as spotted by 9to5Mac.

Apple was notified a month ago by a security researcher, but it only removed the app today. From looks alone, the app appeared legit, with plenty of five-star ratings and approval from Apple. It was listed alongside vetted apps like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X.

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An APP I use

was still available about 4 weeks ago for download but now is nowhere to be found in the APP store, wonder why?

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big corporations are slow to remove there big cash cows, were there any notifications sent out to consumers about rebates ,refunds, will apple still sell software created by this company or engineers that designed this software ? lets see how they handle this mess !

During my trials and

During my trials and tribulations of getting a waterproof
Outside camera to work———— One of the hurdles
I came across was learning a whole range of firmware versions has a Back Door vunerability in the Chinese camera firmware!!!
I had had the camera up and operating on the table for a week before I learned of that!!
New firmware “Known Clean” fixed that!! It was just one of multiple hurdles to jump over........

Wonder how much stuff like this hasn’t been discovered yet???

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Another reason...

that I keep my passwords on a 3x5 card and not in some who-knows-who-really-developed-it password app, paid or not.

NUVI 350

Not new idea

It's not new idea. Years ago there was usually free "antivirus" software, that in reality was a spyware or pure virus. After all if there is data to be stolen there will be somebody eager to stole it.

Only difference is that now those hackers are more sophisticated. In old days they tried to push viruses. Now they make applications that looks legit, and may even do what they are advertised to do. For example fight with other spyware, as with competition.

Personally I'm rather skeptic about any "doctor" software. They almost newer fix anything in system, but usually run with elevated privileges. And that's shortest way to get data stolen. So if you messed up your OS so badly that it barely works, just do what was done for years: reinstall your system and avoid problems in the future.

Lucky me

I downloaded it then removed it because I didn't like it.

I have

I have a gate opener app from China.
eWelink. It is the only app that will work with our relay. I do worry about it.

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Lots of Android apps

also "phone home" without the user knowing. I use a firewall to prevent such communications from happening.

Not surprised

Not surprised. Buyer beware. Noticed that a lot of electronic items are made in China and where software is involved they seem to be geared to gaining as much user data as possible thru the needed apps required "permissions", from the consumer. Who knows where the data ends up and what purpose it's used for?

Glad I had never used the

Glad I had never used the app before

Firewall !!!

When will we have access to firewall apps like on home computers to close down ports? One's that will alert us when an app is trying to reach an unknown destination. I can do it on my Jailbroken old iPhone and my rooted Android phone but no way can I install anything like that without breaking the original stock OS. Very frustrating!

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I guess these days, privacy

I guess these days, privacy is just a fad. Look at Windows 10.


Privacy is a thing of the past, before it became a cash cow. Now the standard is No Privacy. Learn to live with anyone being able to know anything about you at anytime.

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I wonder about our non-US-sourced military hardware and software doing the same thing, under the radar.

WW III Notification "All

WW III Notification

"All your missiles belong to us!"



Thanks for the warning

Thank you for posting the warning.