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Hello everybody, thanks for having me in this forum. I have already learned some new things and I signed up for the red light and speed cameras subscription.

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Welcome JD Hog!

You will find this forum to be a great community for friendly help and discussion about all things GPS. Check out the FAQ's ... lots of valuable information there.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to POI Factory JD Hog. Lots of good members here. Don't hesitate to post any information you may want to add to the forum.

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Welcome JD! There's a wealth of good info here as well as a bunch of useful POI to suit almost all interests. The best part is there a lot of really helpful and knowledgeable folks who are will to share what they know.

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Hi Boss!

Chasing Bandit lately?

Welcome to the group. Stick around, learn more about points of interest and GPS tricks than you'll ever think possible.

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Welcome to this forum. Lots

Welcome to this forum. Lots of good people here to help you...

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Hey warm welcome to you!

Hey warm welcome to you! Enjoy your stay, I know I am!