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I final switched over from Chrome to the Edge Browser. Once they got it so you can used it on your Android tablets and phones I made the change. Syncing across devices seem to be working well. Still not a lot of extensions available, but more then in the past. One problem found so far. Here on POI Factory when I post a link it is not highlighted. Found a work around but, I should not have to do that. Other then that pretty happy with it .

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Very good to have ditched

Very good to have ditched Chrome. I used PaleMoon for a while, but not back with Firefox. Best of luck!

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So what about Chrome?

Garmin Gal wrote:

Very good to have ditched Chrome. I used PaleMoon for a while, but not back with Firefox. Best of luck!

When did Chrome fall out of favor? I thought it was a far superior browser far more widely used than IE or Edge? I will admit, though, that over the last couple of months I found things that didn't work with Chrome but do work with Edge. I wonder if Google is still putting money into Chrome. Maybe it's time for me to switch to Edge.


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the edge browser still is a little buggy, I usually start the edge browser with the MSN news and it looks ok for a while then it has to reload the page and says something like script file to long or cant find a page it displays that you want to read about ! but it has been getting better im running it with windows 10 64 bit. I had less problems with windows 7 and ie 11 but I guess we have to move on to newer things!

Hmmm maybe I should try too.

Hmmm maybe I should try too. I love using Edge on my Windows 10 laptop. Only because it seems to save battery more than Chrome.

People say Edge is on the way out:

"Dec 4, 2018 - Microsoft is slated to discontinue Edge, the browser that comes built into Windows 10, according to reports from The Verge and Windows Central. ... The idea, according to those reports, is that Microsoft is moving away from its own EdgeHTML rendering engine and towards Chromium, the web engine that powers Google Chrome."

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I Use

Firefox and Chrome and Firefox is my default browser. Occasionally I get some bleeps then I switch over to Chrome.

IE and Edge are both dead so

IE and Edge are both dead so now Microsoft Windows has no built-in browser?

Not me

I still use IE smile

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I got myself a new Alienware Win 10 Pro laptop for Christmas. (Yup folks, I am finally retiring my 10 year old Windows Vista laptop which still works just fine except for no longer receiving security updates).

In spite of all the bad things I have read about Edge, I decided to give it a try, and I actually like it better than Chrome or Firefox. It certainly renders the POI Factory pages better (at increased zoom levels which I need) than either of the other two, I have had no issues with Edge at all. My only complaint so far is that when you use the browser "back" button, it doesn't seem to restore the focus to the correct pane on the page, so the up and down keyboard arrows won't scroll. You have to first click somewhere in the page's text pane before the cursor key scrolling will work.

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Chrome forcing itself onto your system

Chrome seems to force itself onto your system. Tried downloading adobe flash recently, unchecked chrome offer yet it still ended up on the download. That feels really intrusive.


Been using Edge for over a year now no problems. IE was locking up and stalling out all the time. I never liked anything Google seems like they spy on everyone all the time.

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