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Where can I configure my account to receive email notifications when a thread I've posted to or subscribed (is this even possible) receive new posts?

Not possible

It can't be done but you can simplify your reading of posts in several ways:

-Mark specific forums to be hidden; good for PC folks and the Mac topics or for Garmin-only folks for Tom Tom, Magellan, etc.

-Always be signed in when you read threads. When finishing reading interesting posts, choose to "Mark all posts as read." Then when you next sign in to read posts, click on "Unread Posts." Repeat each time you return.

Both of these substantially reduce the number of messages offered to you.

Thanks for your comments.

Thanks for your comments. That's in part what I've been doing. With most forums I receive an email when there's a response to a thread I posted in. Otherwise I may not log in for a day, a week, etc.

Well, this keeps you

Well, this keeps you checking in to see what's happening!

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phranc wrote:

Well, this keeps you checking in to see what's happening!

...and keeps up our windmill and stars!

I admit that when I respond near the beginning of replies to an original post made by a brand new Factory member, I go to their account page and if they permit email contacts by other members, I let them know that I responded to their post and reminded them that they will not be notified of replies so they manually need to return to the thread.

I'm probably on a dozen+

I'm probably on a dozen+ different forums between all the interests. Old age catches up and I forget to check in periodically on some. It's a good thing i'm not a facebook addict - that gets checked every other week or so.