Adding Micro sd card to 3490lmt


I have added a 32G card to my unit.... I'm trying to test to see if it works and dowloaded all the language file until it ran out of room... to see if it would go to the sd card but it doesn't.

Is 32G too big for the unit?
I see it on my mackbook but Garmin express does not use it .

Help please


Most recent Garmin models support up to 32GB SD Cards. It does need to be formatted as FAT32 but definitely not MAC OS Extended. I think FATEX will work if that is your only choice.

If you launch POI Loader, it will give you the option to install POI files to either the base unit or the included SD Card. This might be the most direct way to see if you can write to the card.

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SD Card

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The 32Gb card will work fine in your Nuvi as long as you have it formatted as FAT32.

I suspect that your problem with the language files is that since they will only work when installed on the unit, Garmin will only install them there an not the SD card.

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yes I can load POI onto the

yes I can load POI onto the card. Thks for the links regarding the sd card.

SD card

Daniel, you have observed an issue that can crop up with Garmin Express and adding files for use in your GPS, whether internal or on the SD card. It is that Garmin Express won't use the SD card until it absolutely has to during a map or software update and won't offer the SD option until it's needed. It's not a common problem but right now with the nuvi 3490, the GPS will be nearly full. That's usually not a problem but when adding really big files as you're doing when trying to add all the language (I assume you are installing all English and/or French language files which will run several hundred MB and as you've found, the GPS has no space for all of them and they won't work from a SD card).

I see three possible solutions:

-first, if you're willing to wait for the next map update and if the GPS now has so little space and if the new map update requires more space than the GPS has, then the map file (over 2GB) will be installed to the SD card leaving lots of space on the nuvi. With this added space, you can now install all the language files again and they'll fully and correctly install to the GPS.

-second, I think you can move the Junction View file from the GPS to the SD card and that will free up about 500MB on the GPS. The Junction view file will be in your GPS's \.system\JCV folder and will be a large file named Dxxxxxxxx.jcv and in the SD card needs to be placed in the \Garmin\ folder (or maybe the \Garmin\JCV folder) which you may need to create.

-third, you can use the clone method

which will put the map on the SD card now leaving lots of space in the GPS for your language files.

I do hope that before all this file tinkering that you have made a full backup of the GPS to a computer drive so that if a mistake is made, you can restore the nuvi to a functional device again. Also, if chosing the clone technique to place the map on the SD card now (unlike Garmin Express which waits until the SD card must be used), be very careful to follow all steps exactly and read through the procedure completely to make sure you understand what to do before starting the procedure.

Good luck.


I went and deleted all the language files that I do not need and it made some roomI tried the cloning and screwed up. Deleted all the file on SD Card and now Express detected the sd card and it is installing the maps directly onto the sd?????? I'll keep you posted, thanks for evrything.





2 and 4 GB SD card

2 and 4 GB are not available anymore. No store sale them,anymore. Some Gps if you insert a higher SD card on the GPs does not even detect them. the lowest you can still find at the store is 8GB.

Ok I went crazy on the

Ok I went crazy on the deleting and created some problems but everything is back to normal. Thanks for your help. The 32G card is recognize and storing POI on it. I know that it will use the sd i when the unit is full.

During my experience I had deleted the map files on the unit but not purged the files...therefore there was not enough space to reinstall map and it defaulted to the sd card. That might be an easy solution to install maps on the SD Card when the unit is just about full.

Thanks for your help.

I just returned the rv660 model because it took me through a low bridge and trhough a tunnel without any warning....(in my car). My 3490 can do the exact same thing and I will look into some clearance POI.

Great news

Daniel Moreau wrote:

Ok I went crazy...

That's great. Now you can go back and install all the optional voices?

French/English/both/neither/other? wink


Now that I have a back up it would be safer to go delete files... LOL just lucky I did not destroy any vital files. Tutorial 2....


Daniel Moreau wrote:

Now that I have a back up it would be safer to go delete files... LOL just lucky I did not destroy any vital files. Tutorial 2....

Always a good idea to keep a backup of the files on your unit.I keep a copy on the computer and another copy on a thumb drive.Just in case the computer goes on the blink.

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