Red Light Camera Updates


Miss POI-

Is there anyway you could include the date of the latest Red Light Camera file update on the homepage? This way, we won't have to navigate through "red light cameras", then scroll down and click on recent updates to see if we need to download the latest iteration.

Maybe it could be part of the "red light cameras" tab.





Thanks for the suggestion
I usually update the file every Wednesday, however since I sat up in bed reading for a few hours Tuesday night I woke up with a messed up neck and was not able to get much work done. I am working on the red light camera updates right now and the file will be updated this afternoon.

I will talk to Jon about changing the home page to reflect the update, it is a good idea;)

It sounds like you are looking to have the city info posted on the front page as well as the date.

Miss Poi


I hadn't thought of including the info on what states had been updated, since I typically update my red light camera files no matter what states have been updated.

But that would be helpful as well!

Thanks for listening.


A good suggestion

Tom's suggestion is a good. I've download every state as the update comes along. It would be easier if I know my home state (North Carolina) has been updated.
Anyhow, take a rest for the weekend with your loved ones. All of us appreciate the hard work of yours and others have put in. We are just gathering the fruit.