New Maps


I just received my new nuvi 660 (it was an exchange because of a defective keyboard entry problem with the old unit). Wee to my surprise, I saw that the North American maps had a 2008 designation.

I then hooked up both my 670 (with Ver 8 maps) and my new 660 (presumably with V9 or 2008 maps) to my PC to see the differences. I manually synchronized all my POIs and my Favorites (so as to mitigate re keying) but stopped short of copying the new maps to the old unit.

I then connected both nuvis in my car and took a short trip. With screens side by side, I was able to see some of the differences between old maps and new and some areas where Navteq had not updated. It interesting to see how some of the voice notifications and instructions were completely different between units.

I will probably buy the new 2008 maps when they come out just so my two units can be in sync. I will then perform the same (dual unit) test and see if both units are in sync. Another interesting anomaly occurred when both units, set for the same destination, reflect different (automatic) levels of magnification and detail. Shouldn't both units be the same?