Bus Lane Cameras


NYC has been using bus lane cameras. Have these been integrated with the red light and speed cameras? Here are the locations of the bus lane cameras:

Here is some more information from NYC Website:


We don't have a separate designation for them so they are listed as Red Light Camera locations with (bus lane) in the description.


Angela, Thank you for the

Thank you for the answer.

am I mistaken

or is the fine in NYC $50? Pretty sure their website does not show the amount of a violation, if so, imho, one can simply drive sensibly (stop at red lights and don't speed during school hours) and not be scared. If the fine were $540, like in CA, then maybe it's justified to be on alert. my .02

$150 and evil designs

To add to commuter congestion to get rid of those "Evil" personal vehicles. Isn't Government Great!

Thank you

Thank you for this information.



I live in NYC. This is good to know. Thanks.

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You are allowed to use the bus lane to make a right turn. But, you can't "ride" the lane for the full block before the turn.