OH NO! NOT AGAIN: Microsoft Microcode Updates Defend Intel CPUs Against Spectre


Microsoft released a patch that delivers Intel’s microcode updates for Spectre to Windows 10 systems with certain 6th-gen (Skylake) CPUs. You should know, however, that this patch isn't as permanent a solution as patching via BIOS updates.

Intel has made a lot of progress on creating new microcode updates to protect its CPUs against the Spectre vulnerability. The company said it has released updates for 4th-gen (Haswell), 5th-gen (Broadwell), 6th-gen (Skylake), 7th-gen (Kaby Lake), and 8th-gen (Coffee Lake) CPUs to system and motherboard OEMs. So far, it’s been the OEMs’ job to package the new microcode into BIOS updates for their products. However, Microsoft has decided to also distribute the new microcode through Windows.

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