It works - Old Samsung Galaxy S3 as data source to Samsung S4 running Smartlink


I am thinking this might help someone:

I have a 5 year Old Samsung Galaxy S3 - using Consumer Cellular as wireless provider - that will not load/run Smartlink. A friend gave me
his Samsung Galaxy S4 - but it is Verizon version and will not connect to Consumer Cellular -so I can't use it as my phone.

1. So I turned on Wi-Fi Hotspot on my S3
2. Loaded and run Smartlink S4
3. Connect the Garmin Drivesmart 5i to the S4 via Bluetooth
3. Connected the S4 to the S3 via Wi-Fi

Now I get Traffic, Weather etc. without changing provider or phone

I finally bought a new SatNav


As of Feb 11, 2015 service providers MUST "Unlock" a phone when a customer requests it (Phone must be paid for). This will allow the phone to be used on another system.

There is a possibility that the S4 will not be compatible with your current carrier.


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S3-S4-Garmin Drivesmart 51

You are correct.
My S3 was purchased from T-Mobile and now I am using Consumer Cellular.
Consumer Cellular allows me to use a SIM to get CC (ATT) GSM Network.

The Verizon S4 is CDMA .
Verizon (and Sprint) networks use CDMA technology, while AT&T and T-Mobile are built on GSM.

I posted the S3-S4-Garmin Drivesmart 51 to help those that might benefit from knowing that it worked using the S3 Data as a WiaFi hotspot, the data connection then being used by Smartlink on the S4, and sent to the S3 via bluetooth - which is then used by the Garmin Smartdrive 51 to get traffic and Advanced weather.

Yes I opted to get Advanced Weather since Garmin says it was a lifetime subscription (for less than $10). i consider it worth to have all my travel data in one easily accessed place.

NOTE: I used TomTom's Android app for years, then they broke it with an "upgrade" last spring. I then started using Google and Waze, but I really prefer Garmin with all it's travel and database functionality.

I finally bought a new SatNav