I am new here and have a question (downloading icons)


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I'm new here and would like to introduce myself if I may and ask a question please ? I live in Rhode Island , I have two grown son's who are brats . One is a veteran and the other is my computer whiz . I was given a Garmin Etrex for Christmas this year by my son's for my mushrooming . Problem is ? I find no little mushroom way points anywhere , I was told you nice folks might be able to point me in the right direction . I look forward to getting to know some of you and look forward to your reply .

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A search of the POI files

A search of the POI files for mushrooms only bring up locations of Pizza Parlors with mushrooms. I'm not sure where you can go to get POI files for mushroom hunting.good mushroom spots are probably as guarded as spots for Ginseng.

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save your locations

It is possible to save your own locations of mushrooms very exactly. After you have gathered mushrooms at each location, it will also be good in the future.

While I know nothing about mushrooming other than that I like mushrooms, I don't think mushroomers like to tell others about good locations.

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I just uploaded a GIF of a

I just uploaded a GIF of a Morel mushroom.

Illiterate? Write for free help.

i can't see it

Box Car wrote:

I just uploaded a GIF of a Morel mushroom.

I can't see it. You must have eaten it instead!

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Looks Like You'll Have to Create Your Own POI

dobs108 wrote:

I don't think mushroomers like to tell others about good locations.
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I have to agree with dobs108... Mushroom hunters tend to be very secretive about their best locations. But I did find a few mushroom hunting sites on the Net, and one of them - Morel Hunters (http://morelhunters.com/index.php/) - posts maps of reported sites. Unfortunately, they don't post the land locations for these sites on their publicly-available maps.

If you create your own POI file, perhaps using Google Earth to identify specific locations from these more general maps. That's half the fun, and you might generate some interest from other members of the Factory!

Im new here with a question ?

Yeah , I guess I asked the question wrong ? I see no gif ? Icons that depict a “ mushroom” instead of a flag as a way point or as a marker . I dont know how to makeone either . Other that copy and paste ? Which is where my skills begin and end with a computer . Lololol Is there a step by step tutorial on how to make a poi file to upload ?

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Thank You , Birddogs1964

Mushroom gif


or others, but you probably want something simple

You should be able to import his into your gps.



POI files can be created and read in spreadsheet programs such as Excel. Look at some existing POI files to see the format and then make your own files.

past locations

Just don't expect to go to those locations and find a lot of mushrooms. Usually they posted after all has been harvested smile And places and times where you can find them are usually different every year.

If you into it it's best to befriend some locals who are mushrooming too, and get some of their secret places.

But gps will be a good thing if you by any chance get lost in forest. It's much easier to find way home. Just remember to always have charged batteries.


I go into the woods shrooming the first thing do is save your starting location its easy to get turned around because your looking down all the time and can get confused "never lost" just confused when you find a good spot to pick save it, if you pick a lot you can get back to that spot a couple of weeks later and there will be some new ones, I live in Washington so I cant help with locations. some times going back to the same spot the following year will be good some times none can be found, pay attention to things like finding more on the sunny or shaded side of a hill in a valley hope that helps you a little !


LOTS of great info here!!!

Morel Mushroom

Just added these from Box Car.


Sorry for the delay, they were sent to JM so I didn't receive them until a few mins ago.


I see it!

Box Car wrote:

I just uploaded a GIF of a Morel mushroom.

Now I can see it!

Thanks, Box Car


Looks like the "Small" one is the Large one and the "Large" one is the small one

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