Windows by the numbers: Windows 7 storm looms as retirement milestone nears


Migration watch: Windows 10's share of all Windows PCs is now expected to exceed Windows 7's by September 2018. Even so, large numbers of users will still be using the older OS when support ends in two years.

Windows 10 will replace the aged Windows 7 as the most popular version of Microsoft's operating system in September, according to the rise and fall of the two editions' user shares.

But that won't be the end of Windows 7. Those same trends argue that when Microsoft declares Windows 7 obsolete - and thus, no longer provides it with security updates - the operating system will still account for more than a third of all copies of Windows then in use.

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Personally... ANY OS upgrade

Personally... ANY OS upgrade, on two systems here, would cause an avalanche of hardware, software, and plugin issues.... A Large portion of which are W7-64 specific....
And seeing that I feel it is more important for the Software and Hardware I own to work (It is highly interconnected), rather than a OS upgrade and all the $$$ (expense) and Pain while all these new things get configured to work together... that would incur-- It simply doesn't make any sense to spend the great $$$$ for me to upgrade hardware, software, and plugins to make it compatible with the "New OS"....

I'm far more apt to stay with W7-64, until it is a security risk, and then PULL OUT THE ETHERNET CABLE, and keep using it as if nothing had happened!!!

Upgrading for the sake of Upgrading makes no sense whatsoever!

If the OS had any redeeming factor that would assist me in doing what I like to do... (Say Like XP Couldn't read AVCHD files, and W7 did...). Now there is a reason to upgrade!!!
But not only does hardware and software prevent me from doing this... There is nothing in W8 or W10 OS that would assist me by being more powerful or efficient with my software or hardware... So I simply WON'T Upgrade!

In other words: "Make it Worthwhile for me to spend my $$ for a New OS, or don't approach me with an Upgrade!"

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Windows 10

I very much agree. I ran Win 10 for a good long while , more than enough to see who was in charge....Microsoft. Windows 7 is just a good clean os and if i don't want updates i don't take them. Win 10 even tells you when you turn off some of the built in spyware that MS may turn it on again if it feels like it...Stan

Windows 7

Another OS Retired

Windows 7

I never (and I do mean never) had a single crash or lock-up with Windows 7. Not so with Windows 10. It sometimes gets to the point that I want to replace it with Linux...

Love Win 7

Windows 7 was the high point for Microsoft's platform SW. I am now a Win 10 user but feel that some autonomy has been lost.


Sticking with W7 too

Until I buy a new machine and it comes with W10 already. 1) I am leery of upgrading the OS on a machine that is running just fine; 2) I don't have to have the latest and greatest of anything; 3) I've not seen anything that W10 can do that I need that W7 can't already do; and 4) I generally behave myself and don't download new things from places I'm unfamiliar with nor do I click on click-bate. And BION we still use W7 at work (USG) although there are rumors of upgrading on the horizon.

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Win 10

I'm running Win 10 and it's okay. I had to turn off a truckload of MS "reporting" junk but the OS works okay. I would rather have Win 7 though but I'm not unhappy with Win 10 "overall".

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I'm content not to switch now

W7 meets my needs, both personal and business, on the 6 machines I own and until the hardware fails and I can't get w7 compatible parts (motherboard, cpu, etc) that will run W7 I won't be migrating to W10.

Spare parts work with W7 are still available, but I think the CPUs will be the first to become scarce. New CPUs chips are going to talk only to W10.

Even when 2020 arrives it doesn't mean your devices will all of sudden stop working. And depending on what you use them for you may, or may not, want to continue with an unsupported OS that might be open to a virus.

And the virus factor may be the biggest problem in the future. Virus Software companies will soon follow MS and not provide updates to a W7 system.

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