No Advance Notice (Joe's Crab Shack Closings)


Not fun to be an employee of one of these...


Wonder if that had anything to do with them raising wages to $14/hour back in Nov 2015 (like above)- then of course passing the price increases along to the consumer - nope never ate there again after I saw that - bet others felt the same way. Gotta love the free market!

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Just goes to show you....

Understand what your customers want (and don't want) from you and give it to them. This concept of raising prices and no tipping is so out of step with reality IMO. I want to decide on the tip based on service so I don't need or want a restaurant owner to do this for me. Raising prices by 12% to 14% made the business obviously less competitive and killed the business. They certainly didn't close because business increased. I bet the former CEO of this company went to many fancy restaurants to eat and his concept of no tipping wasn't in place at any of em.

I also tip on quality of service.

I don't want management telling me what the tip is because they added to the price of the food.
I refuse to eat at places where gratuity is already added.

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Bu-Bye companies that force tips...

Never argue with a pig. It makes you look foolish and it anoys the hell out of the pig!

... changed the tip policy back in May 2016

" CEO of Ignite Restaurant Group, parent company of Joe’s Crab Shack, admitted that the tip-less strategy appeared to be disliked by the majority of customers as well as staff.

“The system has to change at some point but our customers and staff spoke very loudly,” Merritt said. “And a lot of them voted with their feet.”

I liked Joe's the few times I went, the closest one to me was in another state about 30 miles from me. Then they opened one a few miles away, I didn't know when it first opened but by the time wifey and I were going to visit it had closed down.

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Law raises Minimum Wage

So employer tries to save Business by raising Prices and doing away with tips. Why is this wrong? Supply and Demand, also should control wages, Government should not tell Business Owners what to pay. If you want more pay, learn a skill, become a valuable employee, WORK hard!!

I hear yeah.

Very well said...



I believe they're closing some brickhouse taverns? The one in my neighborhood is still open.

Why havn't my comments been posted?

It was in reference to why these shut downs were happening, cause and effect of Government interfering in the Private Market Place!

Sign of the times?

windwalker wrote:

It was in reference to why these shut downs were happening, cause and effect of Government interfering in the Private Market Place!

Propaganda must not be questioned .....

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