Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview Build 16251


Another week, another build for Fast ring members of the Windows Insider Program. This one's been given the oh-so-charming moniker of Windows 10 Preview Build 16251, and its standout feature is the ability to connect your phone and your PC to enable cross-device web browsing.

Microsoft said you can currently link your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 PC; the company plans to expand this support to iOS devices "very soon." Linking your phone and your PC is supposed to support Microsoft's goal of making Windows 10 the center of your digital life. Instead of trying to replace Android and iOS with a mobile version of Windows, the company is trying to let all three platforms work together in harmony.

Prease to read more here:

Oh goodie... so here's another peripheral that when it's no longer supported by the OEM MS will have a reason to no longer update your OS... razz

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