Petya Ransomware Maker Releases Master Key For File Decryption


The maker of the original Petya ransomware (not to be confused with the latest NotPetya malware) published the encryption master key on Twitter, which should now allow everyone who has been affected by Petya to decrypt their files for free.

Prease to read more here:

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Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)

So Janus tried to give other

So Janus tried to give other cybercrime groups the ability to make their own Petya variant through a subscription service. And there were no buyers. So now they want to give the impression that they are now good guys. What a load of crap. They are still making it almost impossible for anyone to use the key they gave out. They are still the bad guys who can't even get other bad guys to give them money. Yep, no honor among thieves.

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