How do I contact another user at the POI Factory?

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There will be times when you want to send a private message to another user at the POI Factory. This should help you. Note that each member here has the option to accept or not accept private emails.

To receive private messages

To enable or disable your own acceptance of private messages, make sure you're logged in, then either click on "My Account" or if you are on a forum where you've posted a message, click your username to the right of your avatar and above any badge icons you may have. You will be taken to your account which has a View, Edit and Track tab. Enable or disable private messages by clicking Edit, then check or uncheck the box before the "Personal contact form:"

Contact settings

[_] Personal contact form

Allow other users to contact you by e-mail via your personal contact form. Note that while your e-mail address is not made public to other members of the community, privileged users such as site administrators are able to contact you even if you choose not to enable this feature.

To send private messages...

...from a forum post:
Click their username to the right of their avatar and above any badge icons they may have. You will be taken to their account where you will see a View and Track tab. If they also have a Contact tab, click it to send a private message. If they have no Contact tab, they do not accept private emails.

...from a FAQ or POI file page:
An important special case for contacting another member who maintains a POI file or a FAQ is to look at the top just under the title where you will see a "Submitted by xxxxxxx on..." Just click the maintainer's name and you'll be taken to their account where you can click the "Contact" tab to leave them a private message. This is how you can make suggestions, offer thanks, and most importantly, offer revisions to the author of the FAQ/POIfile.

I do hope that all users who maintain FAQs or POI files have enabled the ability for others to contact them.

If you wish to try to contact a user who has not enabled the private message feature of this site, your only option short of involving the moderators of the site is to find a forum thread that has posts from the person you're trying to contact, then do a public "quote reply" to a post from that user asking them to contact you, and then hope that he or she reads the message and responds to you.

For completeness—for those worried about security of email addresses, etc., when one member contacts another through this personal contact form, the sender will not learn or know the receiver's email address.

But the receiver will see the sender's email address and if he/she replies to you via email, then you will learn the email address of that user as well.