Happy Father's Day


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Happy Father's Day

Hope all enjoy Father's Day.

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Ditto from Me

Hope all the fathers have a Wonderful Father's day. Now get out there and grill some goodies!

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Happy Father's Day to the

Happy Father's Day to the Dads!

Happy Father's Day

Enjoy your Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to all

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's AND to the Mom's who had to do both!!!

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Happy, Happy

Happy fathers day to one and all.

Yippee, I did not get socks but a nice golf shirt.

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At Least

You got something!

Happy fathers day all!

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Did It Fit?

Melaqueman wrote:

Happy fathers day to one and all.

Yippee, I did not get socks but a nice golf shirt.

Did it fit? smile

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what i get today.
No happy fathers day from the kids so far...lol
But My Grandchild and his Wife and my great grand child are coming over to spend the day with us. Its also his first fathers day.
Thats cool for me....lol

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Happy Father's Day

To all POI Factory dads smile

Ever since 1995 the year my father passed away, I've always gone to the cemetery on father's day as well as on other occasions to see both my parents whom I miss so much.

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Happy Father's Day!

To all Dads and Dads who passed on.

Father's Day

Hi Canuk,
Been doing that also since 1997, when my dad passed away.

Fathers Day

To the Present and the passed away