Sign of the Times


it's funny

Seems like in my lifetime, we've talked about quality its entire duration, from little kid, to middle aged, be it vehicles, be it restaurants, be it retail, even through my MBA program. The only things that have really chaged are a) the names b) the amount of wealth that winners amass

Of all those closures listed, most likely what is missing from their business model is quality. Lack that in a mom/pop or local joint, you become the 75% who doesn't even get a chance to survive.

I was just in Htfd. CT on business. Where you gonna get a veal grinder from, a chain store? Or the place where yes they told me don't go there at night due to the violent crime, but where the veal cutlets are cut, breaded, and fried by hand each day? Another clue to a quality joint? There's no 53' Sysco truck backing in every 3 days, because there's no freezer.