Stop and back up after you cross the white line


I was going to my aunt's house this evening, and there is yellow light at front of me.
I stoped and wait. After while, I saw the cars across the road was moving. So I released the brake, and moving slow. But just after 2 seconds, I saw the light was still red in front of me. I stop the car and back up a little bit. Because I was crossed the white line. I am sure there is a camera at that intersection. Will I get a ticket for that?

i don't think so

If you drove past the stop line a short distance and backed up I don't think you will get a summons.

I do not know what your location is. In my area of Long Island NY the red light cameras have full-motion video and every violation is reviewed by the camera contractor and then a police officer. They can see you backed up.

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I live in Long Island NY

I live in Long Island NY too. Yes I know there is a video.
The thing I worry about is I already stoped after I saw the yellow light(behind the white line).
But I moved a little bit after I saw the across car moving(across the white line).
And I saw the light in front me still red, then I back up.
Because I don wanna block the road.
I was like stop-moving forward-stop-back up-stop.

This Is A really Simple way To Fix This

Just carry a big bucket of white paint and if you stop beyond the line quickly get out, grab the paint n' a roller n' lay down a new white line. Then take pictures as proof!

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My understanding of the

My understanding of the supposed reason for the cameras is to show running the red light, not crossing a line, here in PA they take several photo's and mail them to you with the ticket. The photo's must show you passing through the intersection while the light is red, not just because you went past the line a little.

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But I thought the whole body

But I thought the whole body of the car had pass the line

in nY state

In New York state, if the front of the car goes past the stop line when the light is red, that is a violation. The distance past the line is not mentioned in the law.

If the law is applied literally, Lin Chen is guilty of going past a red light. However, there is a judgement to be made by the police officer witnessing this before a summons is issued, as to how flagrant the violation is. My opinion is that there will be no summons.

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Technically the offense already occurred because the line was crossed, but because they backed up there may be leniency. Also it wasn't mentioned if the line was crossed before the red appeared or after.

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