Custom POIs along route


Hello all,

I have a RM TND80 tablet, and would like to know if there is some way that after I load a custom POI file, that I can get my GPS to give me a list of all the custom POI locations along my route at one time. I can get the custom POI's in already, but cannot figure out how to show the entire applicable list of POI's along the route. (Please bear in mind, I don't want to show the entire POI list, just those within a given distance from my route)

Thank you in advance,

James Barney


Unless I am wrong, but custom POI's are handled the same as any of your other way-points. They only show up for a preset distance from where your current location is. I could be wrong. rolleyes

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What you are asking for is a

What you are asking for is a feature already built into EPE but your RM unit needs to be able to process a GPX file (IIRC) in order to get the point to alert. I haven't used that feature in several years and then only once or twice, so I don't recall all the steps needed to create the file.

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