red light cameras for garmin


where do I get the poi files for garmin red light cameras

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Welcome to The Factory! Stick around and learn a lot.

As a new member (without your windmill), you can find the redlight and speed camera POIs here:

You have the option of paying $9 for a month of access to the files or $20 for a year's worth of downloads. Note that the POI files downloaded and installed to your GPS do not expire and can be used as long as you want until replacing them with a file with newer data.

If you have activity on this site long enough, you can earn either your "active user" windmill or "general maintainer" stars and with either, you will have free access to the redlight and speed camera POI files.

PS: Be sure to read how to install the POI files to your Garmin GPS. You will use the Garmin POI Loader program on your computer to install the files to your GPS.


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