Your 'Smart' TV is Absurdly, Ridiculously, Insecure


So if you hadn't noticed by now, most "internet of things" devices fall well short when it comes to both privacy and security, vendors making it abundantly clear they prioritized connecting devices to the internet without worrying much about what happens next. In the case of many of these devices, what happens next is they're quickly compromised by hackers, who have begun utilizing these connected devices for use in botnets, resulting in some of the worst DDoS attacks we've ever seen. Doorbells, smart home hubs, and thermostats have all created new attack vectors into the home network.

And smart TVs may just be the least secure of the bunch.

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All the TV on market are "Smart TV"

All the TV on market are "Smart TV". Where can I get the Dumb TV?? LOL