POI images


Hi, this is a great site, I was able to download the POI CSV file as well as a sound bite and bmp image. The CSV file uploaded using the dock software and I was able to place the sound bite into a folder with other sounds, but I can't find a location to put the image so I can select it when configuring the POI in the gps. I have a rvnd 7725. Thank you for your help

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I don''t have a RM but Welcome to the site

Just thought I would reload this post so maybe someone that knows the answer will see it.

Glad you are here and hopefully someone will know the answer for you.
Sorry I can't help. It is Spring Break so that may be the reason no one has seen your post. Everyone may be out using their GPS.
You can look in the FAQ above while waiting for an answer to see if what you need is there.

Like I said, glad you are here and hope you enjoy the site,

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