Virginia Fresh Water Trout waters

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Last updated 02/13/2017

Raw file: VA_Stocked_Trout_ Streams.csv (57.95 KB)

Includes 631 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: VA
  • some may be in: DC, KY, MD, NC, TN, WV (near a border)

These POI files list the upper and lower extents of Stocked Trout Waters, Wild Trout Waters and the locations of Trout Stocked Lakes in Virginia. They were compiled using the maps linked at the VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) website.

See the following for other waters:

Stocked Lakes

Wild Trout Streams

Great places to visit with the kids. But, no fishing allowed.
Trout Hatcheries

Except for the Hatchery file,the POI files contain:
Column A Longitude.
Column B Latitude.
Column C Name of body of water (many are unnamed), section (lower, middle, etc.), National Forest or State Forest or Shenandoah National Park (if applicable). Upstream or Downstream limit.
Column D County or City, Trout species, Class or Category and special notes. If more than one county is listed, then the first county listed is the downstream location.

Before you hop into (or onto) your vehicle and head out, ensure that you have the following licenses or permits:
1. Virginia Freshwater Fishing License.
2. Virginia Trout License (required from October 1 through June 15).
3. National Forest Stamp (Not required for 65 years and older) if fishing in a National Forest.
Note: Above 3 are available online at the DGIF website or any DGIF agent:
4. State Forest Permit. Available from DGIF agent or online:
Be sure to review the “Special Regulations” webpage at the DGIF website
as some waters have restrictions, such as:
1. Minimum and/or Maximum size.
2. Fly fishing only.
3. Written Landowner permission (Posted or No Trespassing).
Note: May apply to any stream, but some “special” waters have written permission available online:
Note: You MUST register to obtain written permission (Select “Purchase a license” under “Hunting & Fishing”).
4. Catch and Release only.
5. In the Shenandoah National Park, check with a Park Ranger for any special regulations before fishing. Brown Trout can not be released back into the Shenandoah National Park waters. See:

There is a printable DGIF “Fishing” pamphlet or at the DGIF website which contains a lot of usable info. It is also available from a DGIF agent.

I used a lot of abbreviations so that as much info as possible will be displayed on a hand-held GPS. Here is a list:
Brk - Brook Trout
Brn - Brown Trout
Cat - Category
Crk - Creek
Dlyd Hvst - Delayed Harvest
Dnstr - Downstream limit or boundary
E - East
FF - Fee Fishing
Fk - Fork
N - North
NF - National Forest
NSF - No Spring or Fall stockings
P&T - Put and Take (Stocked for public fishing)
Rnbw - Rainbow
Rvr - River
S - South
SF - State Forest
SNP - Shenandoah National Park
Spcl Reg - Special Regulation(s)
Stkd - Stocked
Trib - Tributary
Upstr - Upstream limit or boundary
W - West
WTW - Wild Trout Waters

Below are links to the maps used

Stocked Streams

Stocked Lakes

Wild Trout Waters

Additions, errors and comments:

Tip: Many stocked streams are barren of fish just a day or 2 after stocking (stocking dates are published at DGIF website). Try fishing above or below the stocked section as many fish will leave the section. Also, fishing the stream or river that the section feeds into can be very fruitful as well as the unlisted tributaries of the stocked or wild stream. If there are pools 6 inches or deeper, there could be keeper sized trout.

Remember: If you see a “POSTED” or “NO TRESSPASSING” sign – go no farther. You could be arrested or as some fisher folk have reported – Shot at!!!

Final note: I am not responsible if you get a ticket (or get shot at). It is your responsibility to know and abide by the laws and regulations. Always watch for signs – private or VA DGIF.

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