Safety Corridors


The latest new annoying enforcement effort is starting here in Arizona: Safety Corridors. These are sections of freeways where everything becomes zero tolerance. That includes speed of course so now if you're going 70 in a 65 mph zone, normally not even worth stopping a driver, you're likely to get a ticket.

I've nothing against enforcing the rules, but there are also the technical issues like the accuracy of the radar (not supposed to be your problem) or the accuracy of the car speedometer, variable at best, and the disappearance of a tolerance becomes a bit of a non-sense.

It would be quite helpful to have a function in the GPS receiver that alert you of your speed excess, like it does when you approach a rlc camera. I'm toying with the idea of using the camera poi function to alert me of speed in these zones but I'm a bit lost as for solving some problems such as how close to each other should the fake camera be to cover the road completely, how to avoid the normal beep announcing the camera (you really only want the speed alert function.)

Any suggestion?

create a point

Create a point without using any keywords in the title and set a speed alert only. It should warn you about 30 seconds before reaching the point. You are going to need one at both ends of the zone though for when you are facing the other direction. Put the point in the middle of the road and you're good.

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Those "Safety Corridors" here been in nearby New Jersey for a while, PA may even have a few now. They can stretch for a few miles. Honestly I don't get the whole concept, I mean once you leave the corridor are all bets off?

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The safety coridors exist in numerous states.

Some require in addition to speed conformance you are required to have your headlights on.

Then too, some of these safety corridors change locations.

If I remember correctly, both on I-40 & I-10 through New Mexico, the safty corridors change location and or distance every 6 to 9 months.

Just in case you didn't know.

But it's a good idea...

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Sorry, Badass, it's not a good idea

BarneyBadass wrote:

...But it's a good idea...

No, it's not. If it was a good idea, that is, about safety, the enforcement would be state-wide and all the time. This is just another money grab just like the red light cameras are.
Too much government.


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Speed alarm

jale wrote:

It would be quite helpful to have a function in the GPS receiver that alert you of your speed excess

If I am remembering correctly my Garmin Nuvi will let me set an alarm if I go over the speed limit.

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Do you safer already? Pennsylvania and many other states have been doing this for a while.

I guess one could think of it as the state saying that they don't really care as much if you break the law on their other roads.

In Pennsylvania...

They are called "Targeted Enforcement Areas" and have been around for about 5 years. I live a half mile away from one and have yet to see anyone pulled over there. At an intersection five miles down the highway outside the zone however, I see tickets issued regularly. These areas are posted with signs and appear to be more of a threat rather than real enforcement. Obviously, this is just my observation and may be different in other locations.

I agree that an optional "over the limit" GPS readout could be a useful feature. Caution however must be used not to become overly dependent on its use. Speed limits change frequently and it often takes several map updates before they are corrected. Some I see regularly have been incorrect for many years.

As has been stressed many times on the site, GPS use should never become a substitute for what you see around you.

Interesting Info - Thanks.

There may be an app for your phone that can provide such an alert.

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Not a solution for me

Thanks but:
It only works on some models (not mine)
Sound alert is limited to Europe
I really want is to alert me when approaching or being in a Safety Corridor, not all the time.