sd cards do they work


Hi im new to the forum and have booked to travel north America next year. i want to take my Nuvi 660 with me and hoping to pick up a second hand SD card or rent one.whats the best one to get and do they really work and has anyone got one for sale

What are you considering...

...Presumably we're talking maps on SD, so
This product? (SD memory card, City Navigator NT, North America) Part no. 010-10679-00 - $139.99 (US)

These maps are locked to the SD card, so can't be copied - therefore second hand should be fine. If you buy a 2nd hand DVD to 'roll-your-own', make sure that the unlock code(s) haven't already been allocated to the original owner's unit(s).

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SD Card

I would advise you to buy one.They are inexpensive. I just purchased a SanDisk 2GB card, for a Kenwood DNX7100, at Best Buy for $25.00. As for how they work, I am in the process of down loading POI's from this site, so far it is working good. Hopefully the up load will go just as smooth.

I agree

I agree that you should but one. There are pretty cheep.

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They sure do.

They sure do. I have a 660 as well and have a 1GB SD card in it. I recommend a USB+SD card, very convinient. You can store mp3 files, POI files and JPEG's. USB+SD cards tend to be a little bit more than your regular SD cards. I'm sure you can find some good deals on the net.

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I believe that the OP was asking about SD cards with preloaded maps not blank media cards. So Hornbyp's post is what is needed.

thanx all on sd

Recon i will just get one and give it a go. Can probably sell it again later when I get back to OZ on ebay. I will be needing motels and fuelwill these show up on the map or do i have to download POI