Pei Wei Asian Diner

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Last updated 01/19/2008

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Pei Wei is one of my favorite hangout (especially after a round of golf). It's a very casual atmosphere with fast service, but offer very quality food. They're owned by P.F. Chang, so some of their menu item are also offered.
This file contains all locations (Currently 142).

Update History:
They stopped using regions so the file will no longer have the region designation in the filename. Instead, I'll continue to update this file with newly opened locations and other states I have yet to work on. This latest version has the latest listings for AZ, CA, CO, NV, NM, UT, plus following new states: AR, KS, OH, OK, MI, MN and MO.

Added: FL, MD, NC, RI, TN and VA.

Added TX and the list is current. I will be updating the file as new location is opened.

2 new locations added. The Tustin, CA location is an approximate as the whole community is currently being built on the old Tustin Marine Corps Air Station (CN 2008 still says well as Google Earth). I had to overlay the city master plan against the MapSource to come up with best estimate. If anyone happens to visit this location, please record the coordinate and let me know.

3 New locations:
#0161 Tampa, FL
#0171 Farmington, MI
#0177 Beaumont, TX

3 New locations:
#0166 Naples, FL
#0124 Chula Vista, CA
#0148 Nashville, TN

6 New locations:
#0152 Leesburg, VA
#0170 Springfield, PA
#0180 San Marcos, CA
#0183 El Paso, TX
#0186 Folsom, CA
#0187 Columbus, OH

2 New locations:
#0156 Boca Raton, FL
#0188 San Antonio, TX

3 New locations:
#0166 Miami Lakes, FL
#0184 Midvale, UT
#0191 Norman, OK

As always, please let me know if I need any of the coordinates 'tweaked'.


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