Another novice to the GPS


Hi all...I'm new not only to POI, but GPS as well so sorry if my question has already been answered a million times. I have nuvi 350, and so far am loving it. My question is after loading the POI file, I get the list in custom poi's as I should, however the alerts don't seem to work. I checked to make sure they are turned on, and the distance was set correctly when they were loaded. Also the bmp for the icon...what do I do with that? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Anyone successully upload using firefox/linux?

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Alerts / BMP

You may need to manually enable alerts when your transferring the file(s) to your GPS with POI Loader.

Each file will have a screen with the heading "Please choose the settings for the file ..."

Make sure you check this box and enter alert settings if you want to receive alerts.

If you want a custom icon to show when you view a POI on the map, you can place the BMP file in the same folder as the .csv file when you transfer it with POI Loader.