Chit Chat Thread For The Week Of August 15th, 2016


This is the place to talk about things that are not GPS related.

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.


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Back from a 4000KM (2500 Mile) road trip. Feels good to be home!

Gleason Movie

Show your support to those suffering with ALS by watching Gleason Movie! Thanks


We are winding down summer pretty soon...get it while you can.


Most of American life consists of driving somewhere and then returning home, wondering why the hell you went.

~John Updike


Gary Hayman (LeVoyageur)


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Just checked

and I have been a member of the factory for 7 years and 7 hours. Seems like I found out about this place just a few days ago. It has been fun learning about GPS's and their inner workings. The great bunch of people here make the site even better. Looking forward to another 7 years and 7 hours.

It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible. ----George Washington

Wet week ahead

It's going to be wet this week here in SW Ohio. Hope everyone has a great week.

It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible. ----George Washington

New week, new complaint

built a deck for the family, precisely as described, last cut of the last board, RAIN
fried the saw, zapped the idiot holding it.
however not unduly hurt

complaint, earth leakage breakers still hurt a little

If only ..

Nice sunny days.

Nice sunny days.


Have a great, fun, safe week!

Still hot but not one with a

Still hot but not one with a heat index warning attached to it. That's tomorrow.

Starting to Count

Yes, I am starting to count the days from leaving for Florida, 123


Wanted -Woman with GPS -send picture of GPS

Good Evening

Running behind today. Have a safe week everyone.

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Have a great week, everyone!

Have a great week, everyone!




Be Safe..........

Have a great week everyone

Have a great week everyone



It's going to get hot in PNW

It's going to get hot in PNW later this week.

Mid August

Seems like this is the hottest time of the year and time to go swimming! Too bad I don't have a pool...

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The Olympics are on

The Olympics is on for one more week.


supposed to be in the 80-90's for the next 5 days ahhhh the hammock is working just fine !



Each year on August 16th, you will find people at amusement parks and theme parks across the country participating in National Roller Coaster Day.

In 1885, a patent was awarded to LaMarcus Adna Thompson regarding roller coasters which were made out of wood. However, there were “Russian Mountains” roller coasters considerably earlier.

The oldest roller coasters are believed to have originated from the so-called “Russian Mountains”. Built in the 17th century, these were specially constructed hills of ice that were located near Saint Petersburg, Russia. The slides were made to a height of 70 to 80 feet consisting of a 50-degree drop and were reinforced by wooden supports.

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Great Week

Have a good one everyone.

Are we there yet?

Great week

to all

Expect nothing!, appreciate benignity!

Windmill post.

Windmill post.

Monday is gone!

The best is yet to come!


Hi All

Nuvi 760

Hey All!

Happy new week grin

If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem quickly resembles a nail. (Maslow's Hammer)

Have a

Nice day and week.

Jim Jones

Happy Tuesday

Have a great week.

Going Somewhere Today (I'll be informed later)

and tomorrow it'll be vampires for blood work to keep the lab rats fed.

Curiosity is the acquisition of knowledge. And the death of cats.

Not Monday

Oooops, missed yestterday.
Better late than never, I guess.
Have a great week all.



Have a great week, everyone.


Happy Tuesday everybody.

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Hello All From The Midwest ...

Just a quick "Hi" to everyone on the POI Factory forum. Just joined.

After years/decades/millennia of debate, we finally got our Class C at the beginning of the year.

Mainly use it to do weekends at MO State Parks with or grand kids. Will also be sprinkling in road trips (we have several ideas to start) as we go forward and get closer to retirement.

Glad to see such an great site for getting and giving info.

Have a great week all!

(My old TomTom slipped into obsolescence, Google Maps became problematic when in the 'hinterlands' so I got a Rand McNally 7735)

Charlie S. 2007 Sunseeker

Hot days ahead for Chicago

Stay Cool Everyone !



it is

a new week isn't it?

ɐ‾nsǝɹ Just one click away from the end of the Internet

getting ready for ...

my sons wedding on Friday.. so much to do..

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rain today.

rain today.

N.E. Ohio, Garmin 2598 TomTom One XL

Hope everyone has a great

Hope everyone has a great week!

Garmin 2555lmt

Rainy day here

we really needed it!


Looks like rain all week.

Looks like rain all week.



sewisdom - Drive carefully. The life you save... may be someone who owes you money!

Enjoy your day.

Enjoy your day.

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Enjoy the week all

Enjoy the week all

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Good morning

Hope you all have a good week.

Late Again

They were suppose to turn the power off Monday but they lied. Had everything shut down and the motorhome ready. smile

johnm405 660 & MSS&T


No work outside this week. Rain predicted all week. Stay safe and have a great week everyone.

Send the rain ...

to the West Coast!

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