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New member here. I've had an old Garmin eTrex Legend for *ever* (not really for auto use), but I just recently got a Garmin nuvi 57LM on clearance at Wal*Mart for like $75. I bought it on a whim (while on a trip) and have been playing with it along the way back home. Then I starting googling about a few (geeky) aspects of using it, and several of the links led me to this website. So I decided to join.

Looking forward to have this Garmin 10+ years like my last one...

welcome darren-F!

You came to the right place! We are mostly on-the-road but have trail members also.

If you have a question, just post it and there are many members to help.

dobs108 smile

Welcome aboard, Trail type guy here...

My most important use of the Nuvi is getting to trail heads ... then I let handhelds take over when afoot (2 because I don't feel as if I've gone anywhere unless I have gotten off the grid. 2. because experience has shown the recent units (etrex30, eTrex30X, Oregon 400t + 600 series) w/o each backing up the other).

BTW, there are number of trail/hiking files of interest here. wink

Welcome Darren, POI-Factory

Welcome Darren,
POI-Factory adds a lot of value to the purchase of a GPS, not only for the many POIS you will find but for the helpful and friendly community as well!


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Welcome, Darren-F

I think you'll find the content here very educational and useful. For many it takes the GPS from a toy to a tool and if a person is interested, they can quickly learn how to get the most out of their GPS.

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welcome aboard!

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Glad you found us

We are glad you found us and hope you enjoy the site and stick around for years.

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Welcome to the site.

We usually recommend the following.

There is a "Learn" button in the upper right of this page next to "red light cameras" that takes you to a Getting Started page. It is worthwhile visiting this page.

To make navigation easy, most browsers provide the following option. When you want to follow a link - but still keep your current page open - you can hold down the "Ctrl" key as you left-click on a link. That action will open a new "Tab" in your browser up on the "Tab" bar. When you then left-click on that new "Tab", you will follow the link - leaving the "Tab" you are now reading open and available to click on and return here.

So, using the "Learn" link, you might try the "Ctrl" - left-click sequence and then return here. You can return by either "X-ing" out of the "Getting Started" page (using the "X" on the "Tab" itself) or just left-clicking on the "Tab" for the page you are on right now.

Note that the Learn Button will give you access to two valuable reference pages -
the "Index" to all of the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and the Glossary of Terms and Links.

Since you are new here, I encourage you to go through a couple of the Tutorials.

The first link makes sure the settings on your computer are such that you can do more advanced POI loading.

The next link helps you make a backup of your GPS by attaching it to your computer. (NEVER do anything to your GPS until you have a backup). It also assures that you put your (newer) unit into a state where you can see all of the folders there.

Let us know how we can help you enjoy your GPS.



Welcome to the factory.....there is a wealth of information and some very smart people here willing to help you. smile



Thanks for the welcomes and the tips.

Just for clarification, my new nuvi 57 is primarily for on-road use; but I still have the old eTrex Legend for jogging (speed & distance), hiking, kayaking, biking, ATV exploring, etc.

I've already managed to read a number of FAQs as well as get a POI file downloaded, and transferred to my GPS. I guess I'm hooked now...